What is the Source Water Protection Partnership?

Centre County, home to gorgeous Appalachian peaks, Penn State, and some of the best trout fishing in the Mid-Atlantic, is the second-fastest growing county in Pennsylvania*.  This population expansion has provided numerous and varied social and economic benefits, but it has also presented those who live here with resource management challenges, particularly in regards to water.  Supplying an ever-increasing population with a finite water resource, while simultaneously maintaining the quality of that resource, is no small task.

State College Borough Water Authority, College Township Water Authority, and The Pennsylvania State University Office of the Physical Plant have made a commitment to partner and protect the drinking water of the greater State College area through protection of the sources that supply this water.  This website contains information about the importance of source water, its connection to our drinking water, and how the municipalities are working to secure the quality of this water.



What is source water, where does it come from, and why is it important? Who are the Partners involved in its protection?

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Why protect source water? What are the state and the Partners doing to secure the continued quality of our drinking water?

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What can you do to help protect our source water?  How can you learn more?

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*Pennsylvania State Data Center, March 2017 Research Brief