Steps you can take

The municipalities work hard to ensure that our water supply is secure and clean, but source water protection is truly a community effort.  There are a number of steps you can take to help!

  1. Dispose of motor oil at a garage that will recycle it. Never pour oil on the ground or in a storm drain or sewer on the street.
  2. Pump out your septic system every two or three years. Look under “Septic Tanks” in the Yellow Pages to find a contractor.
  3. Dispose of household hazardous waste – such as paint, varnishes, and other chemicals – at an approved waste collection site. 
  4. Minimize the use of pesticides and herbicides on your lawn and garden.
  5. If you drill a new well, make sure the old one is properly closed and abandoned.
  6. Do not dump swimming pool water into a creek or storm drain at the end of the season. If possible, direct the water into the sanitary sewer. Otherwise, wait until the chlorine diminishes and then direct pool water onto grass, forest, or other natural area.
  7. Remember: anything you throw or store on the ground can find its way into the groundwater. Store and handle chemicals properly.
  8. Call your local municipality or the Department of Environmental Protection at (570) 327-3636 immediately if you observe a chemical spill.