WHy Protect Source Water?

At this point, we have hopefully succeeded in making it clear that the cleanliness of source water is directly linked to the cleanliness of drinking water.  Therefore, perhaps the most important reason to maintain source water quality is to protect the water flowing from our taps, and our health and the health of the ones we love in turn.  However, this is not the only reason to take steps to secure source water. 

All water receives some treatment before transfer to the public for consumption.  This can be an expensive process, particularly in densely populated areas like State College, and it only grows more expensive as water quality becomes compromised.  Source water protection efforts are therefore important not only for public health, but also for reducing water treatment costs.

Of course, people are not the only ones using source water.  Clean water means healthy plants and wildlife, which are an important part of healthy and diverse ecosystems.  These help provide us with necessary services, including food, lumber, and clean air and water.  Healthy and robust ecosystems are also far more aesthetically pleasing than those that have been compromised by pollution, and they provide a wealth of recreational opportunities, including fishing, hunting, boating, and hiking.

All of these benefits make our area an attractive place to live, work, and play.  If you think about it this way, clean source water plays an important role in the economic growth and stability of State College.  If we continue to monitor and protect this resource, then people will continue to view Happy Valley as an ideal location to work, study, and recreate, and we will continue to enjoy the beautiful and rich diversity that characterizes our community.